Charm You Lyrics Samia

Charm You Lyrics Samia
Song:– Charm You
Singer:– Samia
Album:– Honey
Producer:– Caleb Wright
Written:– Samia & Nick Cianci

Charm You Lyrics Samia

[Verse 1]
Getting all lit up about the outdoor malls
Baby, let me show you the synthetic pond
Couldn’t we believe it was the hand of God
Making water boogie to a Kesha song

[Verse 2]
You are so disarming with your honest smile
Tepidly confessing that you swallowed a fly
I just saw my whole life flash before your eyes
And I don’t wanna charm anyone this time

[Verse 3]
Kissin’ you would be kissin’ on the USA
I’d be so afraid of what your daddy’d say
I could fetishize you for the whole damn day
Flying while I’m lying that I hate LA

[Verse 4]
What if we could shut up for an hour or two
Quiet, memorizing what the people do
Wouldn’t have to try and find myself in you
I don’t wanna charm you
I don’t wanna make you mine

Half life of my mystifying isn’t long enough for trying
I don’t wanna charm anyone this time
I don’t wanna make anybody mine
Mostly it’s just I don’t wanna end up crying
I don’t wanna charm you

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